Between the musician and his instrument … a relationship!




One can see unequivocally that the instrument with which a musician represents himself, is in the hands of his owner, much more than a mere delivery tool. It is true that to be a good musician, a work of perseverance and courage has shaped his techniques, his rehearsals, his movements without forgetting relationships  along experienced masters.

This set of sustained efforts sometimes finds few respondents in the objective reality of working time, it is true because of certain preponderant limits to the instrument. The numerous compensations, the disappointing repetitions, the difficult passages where it is impossible to find the balance and the power desired, the disappointing results brought to light by the peers or the masters also relate to this invisible and crucial link that is woven in depth between the musician and his instrument. Sometimes an instrument adjusted precisely to the challenges of sensitivity, comfort and morphology is enough to give breath to instrument playing and soul of the musician.

Since its creation, the workshop has made it a point to honor and offer musicians an instrument that is not only a tool of work, but above all an instrument adjusted to sound affinities, to perform to its maximum capacities and to embrace the challenges of the movement encountered by the musician.

According to the wishes and preferences of each musician, a first contact will reveal the main areas of your sensitivity and your expectations in terms of the acquisition of a new instrument. The following  steps are privileged by many musicians who have acquired our instruments:

IMG_3273– Planning meeting: Determine fabrication to copy an old instrument.

– Demonstration meeting: Testing and Acquisition of an instrument from the existing workshop inventory.

– Meeting of personalization: Testing, Planning and Making of an existing model according to specific desires in terms of style and varnishing.