Marjolaine Honor is a luthier, specialized in making of violins, violas and cellos. To this day, as violinmaker and violinist, she accompanies several academic and professional musicians.
The restoration of new and old instruments, making of customized instruments, copies or according to plans, are parts of her field of competence exercised daily for more than 8 years. Marjolaine Honor is a graduate of the École Nationale de Lutherie in Quebec City and a member of the Violin Society of America.

Experience that is perfected by working along Jean-Christophe Graff, Tom Wilder and Thérèse Girard  and understanding the needs of musicians by consulting Franck Nicolas and Jean-François Larose , Accredited PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the ICF (International Coach Federation), experts in psychology, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programs.

Marjolaine Honor is solicited by musicians for her pragmatic approach of the instrument, making adjustments that combine sound richness and comfort of play. She is known for her dynamism, practical intelligence and knowledge of the violin, the viola and the cello. Marjolaine Honor has constituted a unique approach to appropriate or personalize the instrument in such a way that it allowed several musicians to reveal their potentials.

Mission of Honor’s workshop

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” Beethoven

Transform, Create, Offer, Refine and Restore Life

Transform the material: the wood meticulously chosen by its density and its appearance, in the traditional ways of lutherie. To produce stylistically coherent instruments, inspired particularly by the great masters of Italian luthierie both in the form and in the methods of varnishing.

Create unique, lively instruments, attractive and passionate that awaken the best in the musician and allow him technically to push his limits by rediscovering his art.

Offer a sonority that will embrace the soul and color of each musician. Offer the opportunity to make this instrument a real companion of performance.

Refine the search for comfort, sound and ease in instrument playing to unleash the full potential of the musician, making instrument playing as spontaneous and fulfilling as possible.

Restore the buried dreams, to allow the perennial progress towards the accomplishment of the musician. To revive the worn enthusiasm by required repetition for progress, to compress the time required to attain freedom of movement into sound.